The 2015 New York Mindful Movement Symposium

If there is one thing that you need to improve in your life right now, it is the ability to become mindful of everything that is going on around you. When you practice mindfulness, you will become happier and more content with your life. It was during 2015 new york mindful movement symposium that I learned about the value of mindfulness. I have to say that my attendance during the seminar changed my life for the better.




Nowadays, I feel free and independent. It seems like nothing is holding me back from experiencing pure bliss or true happiness. I want to share this experience with everyone, which is why I am going to share the exciting ways on how you can become mindful. Below are some of the things to consider:


Take It Slow


You can never give attention or focus on things that matter if you are always in a rush. It is the ultimate reason why you must make an effort to slow down. There is no reason to be in a hurry at all times. When you learn to take things slow, you will become more in control of yourself. According to Heather Moday, M.D., “Making time for rest can recharge your ability to deal with commitments, relationships and impact your overall health. This is because your mind and body are intrinsically connected.”


Achieve Peace Of Mind


Get rid of all the adversity and negativity in your life. Do not let negative thoughts prevent you from being mindful. Instead, find a way on how you can quiet your mind from everything that is causing issues or problems. For example, you can try meditation. If possible, it is also best to go out of town for a quick vacation. Lissa Rankin, M.D. says, “If you want to optimize your health, extend your life expectancy, and feel as vital as possible, you need to help your nervous system live in a state of peace.”




Being mindful is not an easy thing to do, especially if you can get easily distracted with all the clutter around you. “Teaching ourselves to calm down and to be more receptive than reactive is a practice made possible through mindfulness techniques,” Lisa Firestone Ph.D. points out. As such, it is significant for you to be committed to reaching the state of mindfulness. The entire journey is going to be difficult, but the end can be highly rewarding.

If you want to take your mindfulness movement to the next level, starting with apps like BetterHelp can be your first step. You can also benefit from social media when it comes to giving constant tips and reminders. With the guidance of trained professionals, you can slowly but surely walk the path to mindfulness.

I’m A Pilates Instructor With Depression, And I Want You To Know About It


Depression is commonly heard as a mental condition, but what really is depression? It is a condition that affects your state of mind, feelings, emotions and even the way you react. This mental health issue occurs because of stress, grief from loss and more. It may also be genetic, a family “thing” or even hormonal in balance. But can it be prevented? How do people with depression cope up with their condition?

A pilates instructor a mother of two children is suffering from depression even with her condition she still push thru her dream, but it also make her worry that her condition may affect her career.

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2015 Miami Physical Fitness Month Reiterates The Importance Of Health To Happiness



It is such a cliché to hear, “Health is wealth,” but it is much more than that. Health is happiness. The 2015 Miami Physical Fitness Month aims to remind people to be more mindful of their health, both physically and mentally.

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The Benefits You Get From Pilates

Since Pilates is a form of exercise, there are undoubtedly a lot of benefits into it. Its unique type of workout does not only tone down muscles but also supports a change in the way you use your body. Generally, it focuses on strength, coordination, circulation, flexibility and a lot more. If you are not convinced about its benefits, let me hand out an enumerated and detailed advantage of Pilates. Continue reading “The Benefits You Get From Pilates”

Five Differences Between Pilates And Yoga


Nowadays, instructors are used to incorporating Pilates and Yoga into their workout sessions. While these two focus on the mind-body-breath connection using low to medium level mat sequences, they are entirely two different practices originating from very different histories.

Continue reading to understand the distinct characteristics of Yoga and Pilates better. Perhaps at the end of the article, you will be able to discern which practice you find suitable for you and your way of life.

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Types of Pilates – Which One Is Right For You?

If you try to search for Pilates in any browser, you will know how famous it is. People around the world are so into it before and even up to now. According to Richard N. Fogoros, MD, “Pilates is a form of exercise emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement.” They love how the practice tones and strengthens their whole body and improves their mobility, flexibility and overall physical and mental wellness. But Pilates doesn’t mean only one type of exercise. There is one practice, Pilates, but different types, each different in efficiency and approach. Pilates sessions which somatically supports the psycho-therapeutic work. “When combined with regular massage therapy, the synergy of the combined approaches is the perfect combination for many people attempting to gain improved emotional regulation, physical health, and mobility,” James F. Zender Ph.D. says.


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Knowing The Different Types Of Pilates Equipment


In my years as a Pilates instructor, I have met too many beginners with various questions before coming to love Pilates. They start initially by being just curious about the practice. They are more interested in asking questions in class than to perform the movements.

“Why do we need to use many machines for one move? How different or similar are classical and mat Pilates? Which should I do first? Which is easier?”

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