What’s There To Learn From The 2016 Seattle Health And Fitness Expo


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As I read reviews about the 2016 Seattle Health And Fitness Expo, I got to learn the latest trends and innovations related to sports and wellness. There were also exhibitors that displayed their new products and services. All these have encouraged people to think about getting back to their exercise regimens and some also mentioned that they are planning to start a new exercise plan. That is among the many benefits of hosting a health and fitness expo in your area or in other areas as well.

Wonder how you can start or join a health and fitness expo? Here are some tips and guidelines before making it big.

Find Other Partners.

Identify small or big groups that are interested in partnering with you. “The way group members interact when they are assembled matters. Indeed, these interactions are more important for success than the intelligence of each group member,” Sian Beilock Ph.D. points out. Your expo should have a theme and so does your other partners. Also, think about how many of these partners you would like to join you. Then when you have done this, you can now determine the date for the launching and work backward. Plan the activities about two months before the event. It is important to consider holding it in the morning, on a weekend, etc. Think about the audience you want to capture and when they are possibly available.

Plan Your Budget. 

Write down everything you need to spend on such as rent of the venue, tables, chairs, internet needs, sound system, and booths. To save money, ask for donations and sponsorships from well-known companies, preferably those who are on the health and fitness niche so that can think of displaying their products and services at the expo. You must clearly convey your purpose for hosting such an event and your need for their support. “Budgets help you to pay attention to your goal,” Art Markman Ph.D. emphasized.

Find Volunteers.

One can find willing volunteers from health and fitness buffs themselves who are eager to learn more about getting healthy the right way. This is one of the most time and money-efficient ways of hosting the expo, getting more people to help at a lesser cost. First Determine how many you need and assign them places or designated areas where you can possibly put them. “You may be surprised at the ways volunteering can help you reach career goals,” Jonathan Golding, Ph.D. and Anne Lippert, PhD say,

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Use Promotional Materials And Social Media.

Advertise your event through flyers, daily radio announcements, and of course, social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are very powerful tools to get through to people all over the world. This is the most effective way to ramp up the promotion weeks before the event.

Are you planning on hosting a health and fitness expo soon? Follow these guidelines and let us know of your success!




2016 San Jose Fit Expo: Reasons Why A Fit Expo Is Worth Your Time

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“In modern Western society, we deeply value good health, yet we have created a society and way of living so out of balance that damage to our long-term health is the inevitable result. We rush around and push our bodies beyond their capacities,” says clinical health psychologist Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. I always love going to fit expos. In there, I get to meet people and learn new products and services about fitness. It’s just so fun to be involved because I love getting fit since it’s a way of life for me. I went to the 2016 San Jose Fit Expo and I will never forget how my sister teased me that I am such a fit expo sucker. Now as we reminisce, three years after, she would roll her eyes and say – Yes, you helped me with this “fit expo” thing. My sister is not a bonafide fitness enthusiast, and that’s because I dared her back in 2016 to check out the expo with me while I give her the reasons why I am a “sucker” for it.

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