The Many Benefits Of Pilates – Part 2

Here are more benefits of Pilates (that you might not be aware of, but now will be):

Benefit #6: Flexibility Is Increased Through Pilates Training

Most standard exercises usually consist of motion in only one plane. Very often, this involves some form of backward and forward motion, such as in crunches. Pilates training includes movement in more than one plane. In Pilates training sessions, the spine is moved from extension to flexion and from external rotation to internal rotation. Side bending is also involved. The range of motion all over your body is increased.


Benefit #7: Pilates Training Is Also An Excellent Cross-Training Exercise

Some athletes, such as runners, are in danger of overuse injuries because they do not switch up their workouts. Pilates training is an excellent cross-training exercise, particularly for runners. In the running, stress is usually passed through the core. Pilates training is a fantastic workout exercise for the core. The whole range of motion of the hip joints is used in Pilates training. This improves the runner’s stride as well as the general mechanics of running. “The combination of core strength, stabilization and full range of motion in muscles and joints is what makes Pilates the training and cross-training exercise of choice for people from all walks of life,” Yvonne Taylor, MS says.

Benefit #8: Posture Is Enhanced By Pilates Training

Bad posture and hunched shoulders can be the result of sitting before a desk the whole day or regularly glancing down at a mobile phone. After some time, this can lead to imbalances in the musculature. Pilates training improves the balance and symmetry of the musculature. This assists in reversing the harmful effects of a bad posture. “It emphasizes good posture, proper breathing, body awareness, and graceful movement to better condition the body to prevent it from being prone to injury,” Alex Moroz MD, FACP and co-authors wrote. Pilates training makes you use only one muscle at a single time. Weaker muscles are isolated. Lost strength is redeveloped. And balance is created all over the body. The strengthening of the core also lets you quickly perform routine tasks daily with no pain and with better posture.

Benefit #9: Cardiovascular Endurance Is Improved By Pilates Training

Just like any other workout, the amount of aerobic benefit gained from a Pilates session will depend on the intensity of the Pilates exercises. The heart rate will be boosted and will reach the target heart rate zone with advanced Pilates moves such as the side lift and the jackknife.


Benefit #10: Stress Is Reduced Through Pilates Training

A Pilates session typically consists of a combination of high-intensity intervals and calming exercises. The calming exercises release tension. Concentrating on linking your movement to your breathing produces a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Benefit #11: Pilates Will Help You Sleep Better

Individuals are unlikely to have issues falling asleep if they practice Pilates. Pilates training prevents you from pondering on your concerns. It teaches you to concentrate on the present. It is similar to meditation. Pilates training assists you in re-centering yourself mentally and physically. Brett A. Dolezal and co-authors reported that, “Exercise promoted increased sleep efficiency and duration regardless of the mode and intensity of activity.”


Benefit #12: You Get A Good Feeling Through Pilates Training

Pilates engages the practitioner mentally. It is challenging. And it feels amazing. The progression of Pilates is limitless and steady. There will always be a new challenge. This is why practitioners find Pilates to be very rewarding.

Now that you’ve read all twelve benefits of Pilates, are you now interested in doing this powerful exercise? You don’t even have to perform it every day. Pilates experts say that you can start by doing it three times a week.

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