Pilates Enhances Aging According To Psychologists


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I am certain that from where you are, you have seen above-80-year-old tap dancers and gymnasts because these amazing facts are always displayed on social media – because they’re not common in our society? But why? Why don’t we see a lot of seniors that are exceptionally fit and way much younger than their real age? There are a lot of elements that could lead to longevity of life, including diet, exercise, genetics, and positivity. Many people are just scared of getting old as they automatically link this to a tremendous decrease in their health and wellness and a limitation on all previous physical activities. Psychologists agree that this is a general belief of people all over the world. Most of us, when we reach the age of 50, we complain about how terrible aging is and how much we’ve gotten inflexible because of it.

Unfortunately, for some individuals who are inflicted with a severe mental illness that seriously affects their way of living, the restrictions they face cause them to have little or no control of their particular situations. But most of the population who are physically fit, however, haven’t had sufficient information to make themselves aware of how to age gracefully through each phase of their life. It is actually each person’s obligation to maintain their own mental and physical well-being the best way that they can for themselves, their families, and society. If we succeed in this aspect, then we will be seeing more of the 80-year-old gymnasts and tap dancers. “Strength training is another important component of a well-rounded exercise program. Since many older individuals can be physically weak and frail they may not be strong enough to move their own body weight,” Lynn B. Panton and co-author point out.


Awesome Health And Fitness Through Pilates

As a Pilates instructor, I’ve seen different kinds of clients. One of these is a 75-year-old cheerful lady who insisted that I don’t tell her fitness classmates that her birthday was fast approaching. She was worried that when she turns 75, I might remove her from the group due to her old age. I assured her that it would never happen, as Pilates is for everyone who can perform it, and she was very relieved. Pilates meant so much to her. It was incorporated into her way of life, and she wasn’t ready to give it up – not ever. She says it has improved her core stability, balance, and resistance through training and low-impact movements. “Pilates exercises are effective in improving dynamic balance, flexibility, reaction time, and muscle strength as well as decreasing the propensity to fall in older women,” Recep Ali Ozdemir, Ph.D. and co-authors says.

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Getting Physically And Emotionally Fit With Pilates

According to Jose M. Cancela and collaborators, “Pilates method is employed for physical and mental conditioning. Elderly people could be benefited from a patterned and regulated conditioning work based on Pilates method.” Many people dream of a legendary age, which is quite different from those who suffer from illness and a decreasing fitness level. I want to encourage those who think these negative thoughts to please change your mindset today. If you think you are getting old fast, then you are! The older adults who are aging gracefully think that they are much younger than their actual age and are continually challenging themselves with new activities and experiences. When my 60-year-old clients tell me that they think they’ve plateaued or they think they can’t surpass what they’re doing right now, I just simply modify or create a new routine that would perk their interest. And as I always predict, they dig the routine! That’s because the only restriction you experience is one that you put on yourself.

Pilates is really something that you can do in conjunction with your activities of daily living. Once you’ve witnessed its tremendous benefits, you will strive to continue experiencing these benefits all the days of your life.


Lolita, 80

Lolita is one of my oldest Pilates clients, and she happens to be my mom’s best friend. A few days ago, I asked her to tell me what she thinks of Pilates, how it has affected her life, and the awesome benefits she witnessed since the day she practiced it.

Her First Pilates Experience

She recalls that she had a unique experience initially because it was only the emergence of new Pilates techniques, and her group was experimental. Consequently, it proved to be successful for her, as her chronic sciatic pain was alleviated, one that she was suffering from for years. She practiced every day. However, there was a time when she took a long break from Pilates, believing that she felt and great already so she didn’t need it. She felt the pain come back after a month, and her stability and strength decreased. She then committed to doing it religiously, promising not to take breaks longer than two days. Since then, her pain has disappeared, and everything in her body is smoothly running, up until today.


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Her Personal Goals

She aims to continue to be mentally, emotionally, and physically fit for the rest of her life. She is certain that she can only achieve optimal health and happiness if she incorporates Pilates into her life.

Lolita believes that Pilates is indicated for anyone and everyone who wants to feel young, fit, and healthy. She says that whether you’re 14 or 40, and you haven’t practiced Pilates before, you ought to start now!




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