I’m A Pilates Instructor With Depression, And I Want You To Know About It

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Depression is commonly heard as a mental condition, but what really is depression? It is a condition that affects your state of mind, feelings, emotions and even the way you react. This mental health issue occurs because of stress, grief from loss and more. It may also be genetic, a family “thing” or even hormonal in balance. But can it be prevented? How do people with depression cope up with their condition?

A pilates instructor a mother of two children is suffering from depression even with her condition she still push thru her dream, but it also make her worry that her condition may affect her career.

Dealing With Depression Since The Early Years, She Realized That Exercise Helped Her Cope.

She first experienced depression during her elementary days that even suffer from bullying, she was so upset about how she feels. Because on how she feels, she finds an activity to distract herself for her mental health and she finds cheerleading maybe the answer. Positive impacts were already happening her body became stronger and her moods was also improving a lot that lessen her days with depression.

Professional Help From A Mental Health Expert Was Beneficial.

Right after college she, got married have kids, move to a new house that is why her depression trigger more. She was emotionally and mentally drain that she cannot control her mental health, she didn’t even have time for physical activities that is why her depression occurs frequently. That is when the time she seeks for professional help, they give her therapy and medications like antidepressants. She do it for years and it eases her mental condition.

“Research studies often conclude that, particularly if your depression has been triggered by an event or troubling situation in your life, psychotherapy is likely to be as or more helpful, and with longer-lasting results, than medications,” wrote Susan Heitler, Ph.D. She shares, “Many therapists and much research focus on CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) treatment techniques.”

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Pilates Helped With My Depression As It Became My Way Of Life.

During that time of her life taking medications to ease her mental health she then finds a way to do physical activities. She discovered Pilates it’s not just her physical body that was being exercise but her mental as well, it helps her because they must memorize and study the activities that train her mind and keep away her thinking from depression. It makes her to be focused, gain self-confidence and improve her capabilities as well.

“In some cases, exercise can be a very useful adjunct to other forms of treatment like psychotherapy and medication,” says Judy Ho, Ph. D., ABPP, ABPdN, a double board-certified and licensed clinical and forensic psychologist. “Especially in cases where depression or anxiety is milder, exercise appears to garner symptom improvement in similar ways that psychotherapy and medication treatment alone do.”

It changes her life so much that she also decided to share the same experience and benefits of others with same condition as her. It makes her to express her feelings more, it only means that exercising and focusing at the same time will someone to lessen depression.

I Was Afraid That My Mental Health Would Be Detrimental To My Chosen Career.

Fitness professionals are always seeming to be happy, they are sharing their life and success with others, they are very passive about their life’s journey. It was the opposite for the person with depression because a person with this mental condition seems to be lonely. That is what worried her about her depression.

But I Wanted To Be Out With My Depression.

Being a person with depression it is hard to open up to someone especially sharing your condition to someone else. But being honest has good benefits on her, her family and clients are not scared with her. It also open doors to someone with the same condition that can help them to cope up with their condition. Sharing it will also give awareness to everyone else that they must not be scared on having depression.

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Opening Up About My Mental Health Issue Has Connected Me With Others Who Have The Same Concern.

People with depression are often called crazy that make them afraid to socialize with other, going therapist for help and medications are the only solutions that they know. They are afraid to be with other people and keep what they feel for themselves and that is not helpful for them.

But having to talk to someone about their condition will help them a lot, meeting someone and talking with someone who had the same condition can boost one confidence and can help to deal with their own condition. It gives the feeling of comfort that someone out there had the same condition as you are. Psychiatrist Jean Kim, M.D. explains, “Coming from a place of mutual suffering can matter to someone who feels that no one understands them or feels too ashamed to talk about their situation. More stories are shared in the media, books, and magazines about people from all walks of life who have gone through mental illness and struggled to survive and improve.”

I Still Experience Some Bad Days, But The Good Days Are More Now Than Before.

Depression can be lessened and treated with the right treatment and medications. With professional support, it will help a lot. Having physical activities like exercising. Yoga, dancing and other activities will also help distract those negative feelings and thinking that may lead to depression.

We must not be scared of people with depression since we do not how they feel and how they suffer. We must understand and help them deal with their condition. It is an awareness for everyone that depression is not synonymous to craziness. It’s just that there are people who are more prone to feel lonely, sad and hopeless. Isn’t it a blessing that you are not one of them?

Seeking help for depression through online counseling apps like BetterHelp. You can start with small but impactful steps like watching helpful tips from professionals on YouTube. By staying connected with professionals who have knowledge in treating the condition, you can slowly get your life back together.

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